Business Vision

By Dave Robbs

If you remember the last topic, we talked about personal vision and how lack of vision will cause us to perish or throw off restraint. To accomplish anything requires discipline and yet if there is no clear vision then the restraint that discipline requires merely becomes a shackle with no purpose and we throw it off.

The success of your business requires great discipline, but if you don’t have a vision for your business and goals to measure your success the discipline will drain you and you become aimless in your business life. Lost without a clear direction.

I would like to share a story with you about Tom Watson who is the founder of IBM. Many of you may not know who IBM is, but at one time, in the computer world, they were considered #1 and often called  ”Big Blue”.  As its founder Tom Watson had a clear vision and dream of what his business would look like at it’s peak. From that vision he did 3 things.

  1. He asked, ‘What would a business at that level look like and how would it function?’
  2. He stated, ‘If that is what we should look like then, we need to begin to look like that now and function like that now.’
  3. He determined, ‘At the end of each week, we will examine ourselves to see if we are getting closer or further away from that dream and make the appropriate adjustments.’

We can take a great lesson from Tom Watson and begin to get a grasp on the future of our businesses.

Goodbye and have a great week.

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