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We are relatively new in the consulting industry, however our founder & CEO has over 30 years in the manufacturing environment. Over 20 years of the experience is in different levels of management. His strength in adminstration has lead to the success of several small to medium businesses. His greatest success was to take a 75 employee company with $4.3m in sales to a 120 employee facility with over $10m in sales over a two and a half year period. In his second year with the firm they were selected as vendor of the year for Boeing Aircraft.

Working with Dave are a team of independent consultants with expertise in a variety of business fields including Accounting, Investment, Real Estate, and Business Taxes. While we realize that your business is unique, we also recognize that every business has similarities; such as, marketing, accounting, sales, organization, processes, etc. We don’t pretend to know as much about the uniqueness of your business as you, however we are quite skilled at developing the common areas of your business to make you more competitive in the marketplace.

Our client base spans many industries, including Advertising, Politics, Construction, and Manufacturing.

Dave Robbs, Founder & CEO

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Dave Robbs travels all over the world pursuing his passion for adventure and philanthropy with his many mission trips and safari treks across multiple continents around the globe. After 30 plus years of owning or managing successful companies Dave has learned how to build systems within your business to be able to live a life full of adventure while still owning a profitable business. His #1 mission now is to give back and teach what has taken him over 30 years to master.