Waymaker Consultants has an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with a vast array of business needs and applications. Through our introductory seminar we touch every aspect of your business and help you determine where your greatest area of need may lie. Our Secondary Workshops allow you to drill deeper into the material introduced in the seminar and allow us the opportunity to better understand your business. We provide the answer to your business needs, covering every aspect of development and maintenance of the tools necessary in creating a successful approach to your business growth and development.

Our charges are based on an hourly, pay-as-you-go system or in some cases we would be happy to provide you with a quote for a larger contractual type of arrangement.

We recommend to new clients that they attend the six hour seminar to familiarize themselves with our services. This seminar also provides the new client with one hour of free consultation to help us identify the areas where we can best serve them and their business.

Application & Implementation

Waymaker Consultants has a wide variety of forms and instructions to take each area of your business from innovation to application and finally to implementation. Through the development of manuals and processes we will assist you in evolving you business into a ‘turn-key’ operation. Waymaker will help you match your business to your personal goals and objectives. We’ll meet with you to fully understand your situation, budget, desires, timelines, and expectations. Our goal is to help you at each individual step and to be available when you need us. Ultimately we want to make you an expert at your business and eliminate your need for our services. We want to be your consultant not your partner.

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Dave Robbs travels all over the world pursuing his passion for adventure and philanthropy with his many mission trips and safari treks across multiple continents around the globe. After 30 plus years of owning or managing successful companies Dave has learned how to build systems within your business to be able to live a life full of adventure while still owning a profitable business. His #1 mission now is to give back and teach what has taken him over 30 years to master.